Delayed Gratification: Staying Focused to Get Ahead (Later) in Grand Rapids

The secret to getting ahead is getting started

For sports fans, that was quite a run last week. The NHL crowned its champion (and the nation’s capital seemed like it was one massive street party for the weekend), the rest of the NBA conceded to the Golden State Warriors, and we witnessed another Triple Crown in horse racing. Now, well … there’s baseball. […]

Clarity Tax Service’s Next Steps After Settling With The IRS

Businesswoman hand sign after Lawyer providing legal consult dispute service at the office

Let’s talk about what happens AFTER we are able to strike a deal on your behalf with the IRS. Because after all, that really is the goal here isn’t it? So … the IRS agreed that you could not pay all of your taxes back, and that a settlement was in everyone’s best interest. Now […]

Focus Training For Folks In Grand Rapids

Female manager smart online training with glasses uses the school's website, video call via the Inte

Now that we’re into June, it really does feel likesummer is here. The air conditioning kicks in, the days are hotter … and, if you’re like me, “focus” becomes something I have to set myself towards. It doesn’t just “happen” — especially when the days are hot. It might be simply because tax season is […]

Instilling Financial Literacy For Kids In Grand Rapids

Education and literacy concept, asian student girl is listening lecture online and taking notes.

Memorial Day weekend can often feel a little disjointed. There we are with our burgers, our pools, our picnics — all while we are supposedly remembering the sacrifice of so many thousands who laid down their lives in the line of duty for this country, and for the sake of our constitutional freedoms. However, when […]

How To Manage Money For Grand Rapids Millennials

Close-up image of a woman using calculator, calculating money, managing household expenses and taxes

I’ll tell you what… The month of May is beginning to look a lot like December. Definitely not because it’s cold out there, but with so much “end of school year” stuff happening these days, from graduation parties (ranging from pre-k “graduations” all the way up through college and beyond), to weddings (both royal and […]

Clarity Tax Service’s Three Tips For Resisting Financial Process Automation

Individual income tax return form for tax payment on working desk. Calculation tax return in 2023

Did you see Google’s demonstration of their new virtual assistant technology, Duplex, last week? If you did, like me, probably you were both amazed … and a little bit terrified of the implications. Essentially, Google is close to figuring out how to make it so that machines and robots can engage in regular human interaction […]

A 12-Point Financial Health Check For Grand Rapids Families And Individuals

Man and Woman Worried For Taxes And Family Budget

We are now fully engaged in our tax “off season” here in Grand Rapids. But interestingly, this is where the real difference that we can make on behalf of our tax preparation clients is actually made. We’re diving into the new tax legislation, and attending classes (online and in person) to get clarity, even as […]

Four Tips For Grand Rapids Couples To Make Money and Marriage Work Together

Couple Signing Marriage Agreement

It seems like crooks these days keep finding new ways to trick people here in Grand Rapids into giving them more money. And no, I’m not talking about Congress. Last week, for those of us in the tax professional world in Grand Rapids who are paying attention (because let’s be honest — many of our […]

The Joys Of Providing Professional Tax Services To Grand Rapids

Tax concept.2023 number on wooden block.Calculator with money on 1040 tax form.

Well, our primary work for this tax season in Grand Rapids has just about wrapped up. But notice I said “primary”, there … you see, unlike some professional tax services in Grand Rapids, we make it a point to do a bit more than simply “fill out forms” on your behalf. I’ll tell you more […]

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