Clarity Tax Service’s Next Steps After Settling With The IRS

Businesswoman hand sign after Lawyer providing legal consult dispute service at the office

Let’s talk about what happens AFTER we are able to strike a deal on your behalf with the IRS. Because after all, that really is the goal here isn’t it? So … the IRS agreed that you could not pay all of your taxes back, and that a settlement was in everyone’s best interest. Now […]

Six Common Ways Grand Rapids Taxpayers Receive IRS Audits

Being audited by the IRS for your income taxes. Tax return audit

With the tax deadline bearing down on us, I thought I’d touch base today, to give you some thoughts on what could get you into hot water THIS tax season. And, well, really any tax season. Now … sometimes, Grand Rapids clients come to us from other Grand Rapids professionals because they have gotten themselves […]

How To Get Out ofCredit CardDebt Fast in Grand Rapids: 6 Key Steps

Businessman holding Wood Cube Tax Coin Financial Concept Design with a stack of coins. Business fina

Often, when you’re faced with IRS debt, there are other nasty little financial problems out there that can tend to crop up. I have to tell you though, as I sat down to write this strategy note, it made me think about some Grand Rapids clients that I’ve walked with over the years who fought […]

Facts About IRS Audits

business people talking about report graph and analysis about finance budget

With all of the chaos out there right now, the division and shouting, it’s helpful to try to tune out the shouting and focus on what is actually in our sphere of productivity. One way that the IRS has decided it can be more productive is by outsourcing their collections efforts. So you know how […]

Clarity Tax Service Answers: Can You Be Fired Because of A Wage Levy?

Reception secretary answering client phone call at customer service

We’re almost at the end of September, which is bewildering — where did summer go? Pumpkin lattes are everywhere, the weather is turning … and life is really starting to accelerate. But we do know something that can stop anyone in their tracks on an accelerating day:when the IRS starts dipping into your paycheck with […]

Training Your Heart For Good Financial Stewardship In Grand Rapids

Save money and file your taxes

Working with my Grand Rapids clients’ finances over the years has given me a bit of a crash course in human behavior. Often, I’m floored by the generosity I see displayed by many clients — even those without significant means. Other times … well, I think that we all could use the reminder that our […]

A Basic Mid-Year Tax Planning Method for Grand Rapids Taxpayers

A team of accountants recommends financial planning and tax calculations.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an educational conference in Tucson this past weekend, and it poured heavy rains and the weather was cooler. Because we are right in the thick of summer, it’s tempting to just sit back and hit the cruise control for the next couple weeks or so until the kids […]

Smart Planning for Financial Independence in Grand Rapids

Tax deduction planning concept. Accounting woman calculating business balance prepare tax reduction

I have more to say about financial independence today (since I received some great feedback the last time I wrote about it). But before I get there,I’d like to speak some encouragement to you.A few people in Grand Rapids wrote me saying that they were feeling pretty dispirited about their personal situation … and that […]

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